by Sydnie Eller, Wyoming FFA media intern

Through any Wyoming FFA member’s time in this great association, there are certain things that become a familiar constant at any given state convention. The excitement of opening ceremonies, the hard-fought competitions, so many awards being announced, and for those who have attended a State Convention within the last 30 plus years,the voice who announces and builds excitement is always the same.

Court Schilt has been a dedicated volunteer to the Wyoming FFA for decades- since serving as a State Officer in 1983-1984.  And while many members know his voice from state convention, and some have seen his face at Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp, Court is more than the music man to this association.

Court is a loving husband and father of three FFA loving kids. His two oldest have already shown their own success and dedication within their years in FFA, and his youngest is just starting her FFA journey. Being a family man, and a man of faith, keeps Court grounded and pushes him to help anyone in need.

Don’t ask Court about the ways he inspires others, he’ll say it isn’t much and act like the effort he puts in to helping others is no more than anyone else would give. Yet, anyone who knows Court knows the truth.

Trey Campbell, past State Officer, put it perfectly.

“Court Schilt doesn’t realize the impact he has on other people, because it’s not a conscious effort, it’s a light that shines from him that brightens the entire world.”

Court’s strong faith in God leads his every decision, and that faith never fails to shine through. Honest, hardworking and caring, Court Schilt has been one of the most influential people and biggest blessings to Wyoming State FFA Convention and the Wyoming FFA as a whole over his many years of service.

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