Event: Opening Session, Wednesday, April 15

  • All 1-star, 2-star and 3-star chapters will be recognized on stage at Opening Session, April 15.
  • Each 1-star, 2-star and 3-star will have one (1) reserved award seat for their chapter.  A representative from your chapter must be sitting in that seat at the start of the session to receive your award on stage!  We will escort all chapter representatives backstage from their awards seats prior to the ceremony.
  • Seats are located in the lower half of the Civic Center to the left as you are looking at the stage.
  • Students may return to sit with their chapter after the ceremony.  3-star chapters DO NOT need to report again.
  • If your student is not in their seat when the representatives are escorted backstage, your chapter WILL NOT be recognized on stage.
  • Wyoming’s Chapter of the Year will be recognized toward the end of the session.  If your chapter is a top-three finalist, please sit in the lower half of the auditorium to ensure easy stage access if your chapter is chosen.  ALL members, advisors and coaches of Wyoming’s Chapter of the Year are invited to walk across stage to accept the award.  We will also arrange for a photo of your chapter after the session if you can stay for a few minutes.
  • If your student does not walk across stage, you can pick up your plaque from the awards table in the advisor hospitality room after Opening Session.

Chapter Award Seating


Event: Session 3, April 17

  • State Degrees will be recognized Friday, April 17.  Each state degree recipient will have a reserved seat in state degree seating in the Civic Center balcony.  Please have your students find sit in their reserved seat prior to the start of the session.
  • ACTIVE state officer candidates will be presented their degrees first and will be escorted backstage from the hot box.  The rest of Group I will follow.  ACTIVE state officer candidates should stay in the hotbox; candidates who did not make the cut should find their reserved seat in the balcony.
  • Candidates will be escorted backstage after the installation ceremony when their group is ready.
  • State degree recipients should sit in their reserved seat for the duration of the session.  Seating is limited and we simply do not have enough room to accommodate reserved seating and have you hold seats for all the candidates with your chapter as well.
  • Regional stars should report backstage when announced.

2019 State Degree Seating


Event: Session 2, Thursday, April 16

  • Honorary Degree Recipient seating is provided as one large block (see below).  Recipients will not have individual assigned seats.
  • Honorary Degree Recipients will be escorted backstage after their ceremony to receive their awards onstage.
  • If you have an honorary degree recipient in your town that was unable to attend, you may make arrangements with Amy Schmick, convention manager, to either walk a student across the stage to accept the award on their behalf AND/OR take the award home with you to present from your chapter.  Please e-mail Amy at for arrangements.