by Matthew Winterholler, Wyoming FFA Media Relations Team

Piper Merritt began her FFA career in a small Oklahoma town called Owasso, which led to a life-changing experience. She was elected as the 2017-2018 National FFA Central Region Vice President in October, leading her to her visit here at Wyoming State FFA Convention.

“Starting out, I knew our time was divided between convention and foundation visits,” Merritt said, “but we have the opportunity to sit down with members and stay connected to them through social media.”

Though Merritt has been thrust into such a visible position, she still sticks to her roots every day that she serves the organization and the agriculture community. She started from a humble beginning, creating a Supervised Agricultural Experience of only one hog. From there, she grew her operation just as she did her leadership experience.

Merritt is studying agricultural economics at Oklahoma State University to understand how to better serve those in the agriculture community. Her ability to relate and her thirst for knowledge is what she hopes will lead her to a career in agricultural policy.

While here in Wyoming for the 91st convention, she will stick to her roots and help unite Wyoming FFA by striving to understand that everyone has a story. By understanding that, Merritt can truly understand how to serve those around her that are just as passionate about FFA as she is.

“It’s really exciting to see the members that are passionate about their state,” Merritt said. “To hear how much they love Wyoming and their state pride is just really exciting.”

“Every convention is a little different,“ Merritt said. “Leaving Wyoming, I hope to see the value of the members that are really passionate about the way they do things.”

Merritt gave a keynote address at Wednesday night’s session. In addition to the keynote address, she facilitated workshops at local chapters before the session. She will also be facilitating a leadership workshop during leadership day at the Red Lion Hotel.

The experiences that Merritt will be participating in will help her pass on her passion for FFA and leadership. With Merritt in attendance at this year’s convention, Wyoming FFA members will be able to learn how FFA can positively impact a person’s life.

Because of FFA, Merritt learned how relating to others can truly make a difference in how she can lead. From her eighth grade year to the present, she has strived to fine-tune her leadership to make a positive impact on those she meets.

“I’m just so excited to be here,” Merritt said.


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