by Sydnie Eller, Wyoming FFA media intern

Forty members, one advisor, and countless goals and achievements. The Kaycee FFA may be one of the smaller chapters in the state of Wyoming, but they aren’t letting that stop them from making a big impact in their own town and our state as a whole by growing leaders, building communities, and strengthening agriculture.

One of the many activities this chapter participated in over the 2018-2019 school year was their college day. More than 75% of the junior and senior members of the Kaycee FFA chapter attended Sheridan College for a tour and were able to gain information to help them make decisions about their future. This allowed these students to gain information from ten different colleges and programs to help them decide on a path for their future, whether it be attending a college, trade school, or even enter the military. The impact of this activity throughout the chapter ensured that all senior members of the Kaycee FFA applied to at least one college or program.

In their attempts to build communities, the Kaycee FFA members also participated in Operation Gratitude. During the holiday season, the chapter partnered with Operation Gratitude and held a kit making event. They wrote 57 letters and made homemade heating pads to be sent overseas to members of the United State Military who were deployed. Members showed their appreciation to their heroes that are serving overseas. This impacted both the FFA members and those who received the carefully written letters and kits. The kits showed the thankfulness that members have for those who are serving our country.

Through strengthening agriculture, the Kaycee FFA planned and taught a lesson to the 3rd-5th-grade students in their school. Working with teachers to plan a time and lesson, the FFA members worked to ensure the younger students were educated on stewardship and created a bridge between high schoolers and elementary students in the community. Being a rural community, many of the elementary students were already knowledgeable about what was being taught, but this activity helped build further knowledge and shows how the Kaycee FFA is dedicated to advocating for agriculture.

Despite being small in numbers, the Kaycee FFA is big in heart and continues to unite as a chapter and a community to make a difference. The activities they participate in throughout the year show their dedication to growing leaders, building communities, and strengthening agriculture. There is no doubt that the Kaycee FFA has made a mark by forging their own legacy.

Wyoming Chapter of the Year - Kaycee FFA

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