Results for Wyoming’s 11 Career Development Events will be posted after awards are announced onstage on Saturday, April 21.

Agriculture Sales
In the Agricultural Sales CDE, students demonstrate skills in customer relations, advertising and promotion and merchandise displays.

Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems
The Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems CDE helps students develop their technical skills and knowledge and their ability to work with others to solve complex problems.

Participants in the Agronomy CDE possess an in-depth knowledge of seeds, insects, soils and crops. They must also demonstrate skills in solving complex problems related to crop production.

Environmental and Natural Resources
Individual and team activities in the Environmental and Natural Resources CDE include a national and global issues interview; environmental and natural resources problem solving; soil tests and profiles; air and water analysis; GPS use; waste management; and more.

Farm Business Management
The Farm and Agribusiness Management CDE helps students learn business skills and apply economic principles to agricultural businesses.

Horse Evaluation
In the Horse Evaluation CDE, students evaluate and rank horses based on breed characteristics, conformation and performance. As a team, students cooperatively solve problems related to equine selection, management, nutrition and production.

Livestock Evaluation
Participants in the Livestock Evaluation CDE cooperatively classify livestock as “keep” or “cull” for market and breeding purposes based on physical characteristics and records.

Marketing Plan
Participants in the Marketing Plan CDE develop and present a marketing plan for a current agricultural product, supply or service.

Meats Evaluation & Technology
In the Meats Evaluation and Technology CDE, students develop the skills needed for careers in the meat animal industry. During the event, members evaluate beef carcasses for quality and yield grade; identify various meat cuts and place carcasses, and identify wholesale and/or retail cuts.

Poultry Evaluation
The Poultry Evaluation CDE test students’ skills in the production, processing, and marketing of chickens, turkeys, processed poultry products and eggs.

Veterinary Science
The Veterinary Science CDE provides opportunities for participants to develop technical knowledge and demonstrate practical skills in the field of veterinary science.

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