by Matthew Winterholler, Wyoming FFA media team

It’s Leadership Day at Wyoming FFA Convention, which means the Employment Skills finalists are competing for their chance to take home the state title in the LDE. Employment Skills offers opportunities for contestants to learn how to market themselves for a real-world career. While the LDE is fairly new to Wyoming, it proves to be an important one. What is it that makes Employment Skills so special? Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a list.

Learn what a real interview is like

The Employment Skills LDE give each member participating a real-life look into what an interview process looks like. Many college students and graduating seniors looking for jobs or a career don’t have experience interviewing. This leads to anxiety, nervousness and general self-esteem issues. According to an article from BigInterview, being prepared for interviews can reduce the anxiety of a real interview. The Employment Skills LDE is sure to give you enough practice that you’ll be prepared for any interview that comes your way.

Become more comfortable on the phone

Some interviews may be over the phone, which throws many people off. Along with that, when hired for a job, you may be expected to answer phones. With both of these aspects of obtaining a job, it’s imperative that young professionals know proper phone etiquette. According to Vonage, the phone experience a customer receives from a company can make or break the business. When looking for jobs, phone etiquette can be more important than most think. Thankfully, the Employment Skills LDE helps members learn what proper phone etiquette is, putting them a step ahead of everyone else.

Communication with other age groups

When working for a company, chances are everyone isn’t from the same generation. Many work places are made up with a mix of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z. This can make it complicated for many employees because they don’t realize the cultural differences of the generations. In an article from Medium, most employees look for open communication in a business, proving that the bridge of communication between generations is vitally important. Thankfully, the Employment Skills LDE emphasizes this type of communication by allowing members to interview with a variety of generations’ members.

Fine-tune nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication plays a very important role in how we present ourselves. Whether we realize it or not, we are communicating with our every gesture and even with how we are dressed. Nonverbal communication can make or break your career, so fine-tuning those skills can be essential to your career. The Employment Skills LDE teaches members how to enhance their voice over the phone, gesture to enhance what they’re saying and utilize eye contact, among other things. Members participating in this LDE are sure to impress any potential employer.

Write an eye-catching resume

Resumes are one of the trickiest things about finding a job or career, but also one of the most important aspects. Many employers use them as a way to weed-out candidates, so it’s vital to get an eye-catching, accurate and exciting resume made. Within the Employment Skills LDE, members are able to create a resume and have it critiqued so that on paper, they are presenting the most important image of themselves.

Is Employment Skills the right contest for you? Our answer: Absolutely!

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