Watch Quentin deliver his retiring address, Be Here Now.

Hometown Chapter: Windy City FFA

SAE: Poultry Production

What do I want to be when I grow up: A kid. I don’t want to ever stop being young and adventurous as long as I live.

Favorite CDE: Poultry Evaluation

Favorite 90s Jam: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Celebrity Crush: It’s a little too hard to decide so I’ll provide a top 3. 1.) Kate Beckinsale, no doubts there. 2.) pre 2004 Brittany Spears 3.) Wonder Woman

Strangest Thing in my Dorm Room: Aaron Kersh

What makes me weird: My ability to apply a movie quote to almost ANY situation.

“Trust your abilities, and spend less time questioning yourself. Sometimes it’s easy to get too focused on trying to be the leader others want you to be, instead of furthering the skills you already posses that make you the leader you are supposed to be. Put yourself out there. Fail quickly and often. That’s the key to becoming successful as a leader, taking risks and learning from the outcomes.”