Watch Hunter deliver his retiring address, Invest Your Best.

Hometown Chapter: Cheyenne High Plains FFA

SAE: Beef production

Future Career: A God-Preaching Ag-Teaching Hay-Farming Hide-pounding Auctioneer

Favorite CDE: Vet Science

Favorite Childhood Movie: Cars

Who would win in a fight among Spiderman, Batman and Harry Potter: Batman

If I could only choose one song to play every time I walk into a room: Big Iron by Marty Robbins

Strangest Thing I have in my dorm room: A Giant Stuffed Smiling Pickle

“In 6th grade, we had a Pi day competition for actual pie. Who could memorize the most? 3.1415926535897926535894633892 I won! Also, Boomer Sooner, Go Pokes, and Always Adventure!”