Meet Your New Crew!

Your 2018-2019 Wyoming FFA State Officers!

Back Row, left to right: Kyle Desapin, 3rd Vice President (Snowy Range); Kirby Hales, President (Snowy Range); Abigail Mueller, Secretary (Buffalo); Brooks Woody, Sentinel (Shoshoni); Sheridan Stewart, Vice President (Casper).

Front row, left to right: Jared Spencer, 2nd Vice President (Torrrington/Lingle); Flint Pokorny, Treasurer (Lander); Kiley McConnell, Reporter (Lander); and Dayne Bradley, Parliamentarian (Riverton).

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Looking Back on Twenty Years


by Kinsey Ashby, Wyoming FFA media team

Twenty years. Twenty years of growing up, starting families, finding careers. Twenty years of agriculture. On Saturday, April 21, past state officers from the Wyoming FFA gathered around breakfast to catch up on their lives.

Kattlyn (Wolf) Rovey and Danielle (Cox) Kunkel were two of nine teammates that made it this morning from the 1997-1998 State Officer team, the team that retired twenty years ago.

Kattlyn and Danielle, or Dr. Wolf Rovey and Mrs. Kunkel as most students refer to them in the Wyoming FFA, talked together the entire morning, and Kunkel told someone “Yes she was on my team! We were even travel partners!”.

When asked where they saw themselves in twenty years when they were state officers, Wolf Rovey said she knew she would be involved in agriculture in some way. Wolf Rovey said she didn’t know as a state officer, but being in that position gave her direction. Now, both of these women are agriculture educators, Kunkel in Laramie, Wyo. as the Snowy Range FFA advisor, and Wolf Rovey in Idaho as an associate professor at the University of Idaho.

Kunkel doesn’t think that all nine of the members of the 1997-1998 team have all been together since they retired, however they do try to keep in touch.

Being a Wyoming FFA State Officer is something that connects you to others forever, and the memories that are still present, remind these two every day of the incredible organization, FFA.